Join Thom Rainer and his team as they explore what church will look like in a “POST COVID-19 WORLD.” This is one of many resources we hope to share with you over the next few days that will help you as you begin to plan for the future. Please register now for this webinar by following the links in the email. Our team is currently working with our National Office and will have several other resources available soon. Pray for you all today.

T. Moore

The changes forced by COVID-19 hit hard and hit fast. I regularly hear from church leaders and my friends in the secular world that they have never worked harder.

I have seen my team at Church Answers buckle down and try to respond in the same ways I know you are seeing your leaders respond. One of the ways we have tried to respond is to offer you timely and relevant information, all while maintaining the proper social distance.

In the last four weeks we have offered over a dozen webinars where we have polled some 7,000+ participants on issues like digital worship, online groups, stewardship, knowing your community, and how to lead virtually. I have consulted and counseled with our online community of now over 1,800 church leaders at Church Answers.

Based on all of my interactions on Church Answers and through webinars, I have compiled new research and data for you to consider as you pray and plan for your church’s future after the pandemic.

On Friday, April 17th at 2pm EDT I will share this new information with you during a presentation entitled The Blank Slate: 8 Steps for Churches to Prepare for the Post-COVID-19 World.

This isn’t an event just for pastors, but for anyone leading through COVID-19, so please invite your deacons, elders, staff, and lay leaders to attend this virtual presentation. They need to know change MUST take place.

​Change represents new opportunities for us to lead and greater opportunities to share the gospel. I hope you will join me this Friday, April 17th at 2pm EDT.​

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