As we move beyond Easter and settle into the new norm COVID-19 has created for us, it’s time to think about what happens when our churches reopen. How can we begin to start preparing for operations after such an unprecedented change in the way we preach, gather, and worship?

Now is the time to determine what values and processes will remain consistent, what innovative strategies you’ve uncovered in the past weeks that need to be further integrated into your church, and what needs to be completely restructured for our congregations to experience God to the fullest capacity when your church doors open again.

Join us for this free, live discussion on Monday, April 20 at 1 pm CDT, for this panel of esteemed church leaders on the path forward after COVID-19. Register to join our panelists, including:

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church
Eric Gieger, Senior Pastor, Mariners Church
Dave Dummitt, Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church
Josh Surratt, Lead Pastor, Seacoast Church
Dr. Rich Kannwischer, Senior Pastor, Peachtree Presbyterian Church

Vanderbloemen Webinar Registration: April 20