West Florida DCA Church Reopen Plan for Youth/Children’s Ministries

West Florida DCA Church Reopen Plan for Youth/Children’s Ministries The following is the reopening plan adopted by the West Florida District Presbytery for all District Council Affiliated churches concerning Youth/Children’s Ministries.

The date for reopening our D.C.A. Churches’ Youth/Children’s Ministry will be September 13, 2020.

This plan will apply to Sunday School, Children’s Church, and Wednesday Night Youth/Children’s events for all children Pre-K age and above. A plan for Nursery services is also attached. These plans may also be used as a template for General Council Affiliated churches and can be considered the District’s minimal recommendations for reopening or relaunching Youth/Children’s Ministries in a G.C.A. church.

We fully appreciate the fact that:

  • Some churches will choose not to reopen these ministries at this time.
  • No pastor should feel rushed to reopen these ministries.
  • If you are not ready, do not reopen!

As most counties have reopened schools, we feel it is time to begin reopening our D.C.A. churches’ Youth/Children’s Ministries.

Please note, all D.C.A. Church Youth/Children’s Ministries MUST adhere to all CDC guidelines, as well as those of state and local authorities, as it relates to Covid-19. Local school boards have set forth guidelines and implemented plans for the students in their area. We will do our best to follow the standards they set as it relates to the safety, sanitation, and reporting of any illnesses. The safety of all our attendees is of utmost importance to our team. We especially want to protect all children as well as the elderly and those most vulnerable to infection.

Download Youth and Children Reopen Plan Document