Please mark Friday night, September 18, at 7 PM, on your calendar. This is very important! I am very pleased to announce that the West Florida Men’s event is STILL happening! However, we will be moving it to a shorter online meeting via Zoom. I know, you might be either tired of online calls, or you might not be as excited about a remote meeting (instead of face-to-face). But we men NEED to stay connected and have fellowship. Together we stand; separate we fall. I think we all want to stand up for our families, and before God, right? So let’s do this, and let’s do it right.

Click on the Zoom link below a few minutes before 7 pm on September 18:

Meeting ID: 850 482 2986

If you need to download Zoom on your computer or mobile device, it is free of charge and super easy to do.

Here’s the link to download Zoom on your device:

Rev. Clinton Howell

District Men’s Ministries Director

Our special guest on this call will be Rick Allen, the National Men’s Director. Rick is going to unpack some very important pieces of information for us. Trust me on this one, you will be very glad you were on this call. Please share this information with other men in your church, or the men in your life. This would be awesome for fathers and sons to be part of together.

Again, mark Friday, September 18, at 7 PM, on your calendar. You may call or email me if you have questions, or if you know you can’t be on the call but would like to still have access to the information we’ll discuss. My number is: (850) 718-8070.

I look forward to seeing you on this important West Florida Men’s call. I really think it’s ordained of God and He wants to do something in us through this time together. Be blessed, stay safe, and have a great week.

Clinton Howell
West Florida Men’s Director

Rev. Rick Allen

National Men’s Ministries Director