9 09, 2021

Looking to take teams to Louisiana? Find Sites here…


For pastors looking to take teams to LA, you can find sites through “My Team Hope” which is the Mississippi District Disaster director’s site. You can connect with Robert Bingham @ 601-248-2161 or Virgil Scherff @ 901-212-6076 They will help to find a place to serve and for housing. They also provide insurance coverage which can be added on top of what AG

Looking to take teams to Louisiana? Find Sites here…2021-09-09T17:47:43-05:00
1 01, 2021

2021 Superintendent’s Connection Tour


We are looking forward to connecting with all of you in January during our Superintendent's Connection Tour 2021. We will be conducting this year's tour virtually. Ministers will receive a link to the Zoom meeting for their individual Section. We will have several special guests joining us, and updates for the coming year across the Network. Please make your plans

2021 Superintendent’s Connection Tour2021-01-01T08:10:17-06:00
11 09, 2020

360 Man Zoom Launch September 18


Please mark Friday night, September 18, at 7 PM, on your calendar. This is very important! I am very pleased to announce that the West Florida Men’s event is STILL happening! However, we will be moving it to a shorter online meeting via Zoom. I know, you might be either tired of online calls, or you might not be as excited about

360 Man Zoom Launch September 182020-09-11T11:02:51-05:00
7 09, 2020

Pow Wow 2020: How the West Was Fun!


This November, Royal Rangers, parents, and leaders are going to have a great time at the One Day Pow Wow and Field Day! Buffalo Bill (Whip Tricks and Fast Draw Performer) will excite the kids and impress the adults! Storyteller Alton Russell to transport you to the Old West with is tales of adventure! Admission and meals are free and families are welcome

Pow Wow 2020: How the West Was Fun!2020-10-18T19:55:44-05:00
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