Recommendations for Drive-In Services

Since many churches are holding drive-in services, we have compiled the following regulations for such meetings.  Again, these are the requirements for District Council Affiliated Churches and  the recommendations for General Council Affiliated Churches in the West Florida District.

  • Permission must be granted by local authorities for each drive-in service.
  • All vehicles must be parked at least 6 feet apart.
  • Vehicle windows should remain closed as much as possible. (Realizing every church does not have FM transmitters, then hearing and ventilation could be an issue.) 
  • No one may exit their vehicle for any reason before, during, or after the drive-in service.
  • All restrooms on campus are to be closed.
  • Sitting in the back of pickup trucks or on the hoods of vehicles is not allowed.
  • No lawn chairs or other seating will be allowed on the premises.
  • Collection and distribution of any items, such as offerings, communion elements, printed materials, must be done without personal contact. 
  • Services should be limited to less than one hour. (this is primarily for comfort reasons)
  • The Pastor shall be expected to inform their leadership team of these regulations and shall use that team to make sure all of these, as well as guidelines previously issued by the West Florida District, and any other social distancing guidelines set forth by the federal, state, and local authorities, are strictly adhered to before, during, and after the drive-in service.